Thin Cell battery for next-gen connected devices
Ultralife Corporation has strengthened its Thin Cell range of primary (non-rechargeable) lithium manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) pouch-cell batteries. The higher energy density and slim form factor of Ultralife’s Thin Cell technology makes it ideal for use in the next generation of internet-connected and wearable devices in sectors including medical, banking, highways, logistics, warehousing and security.
It's here... Ultralife's New Lithium Iron Phosphate Smart U1 battery
Ultralife is set to enrich the U1 lead acid battery market with the launch of its new 492Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) smart battery. The URB12400-U1-SMB battery, which features accurate fuel gauging and integrated safety circuitry, is designed to replace and improve on traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries in applications such as medical carts, wheelchairs, scooters, robotics & motor bots or uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems.
Getting smarter ahead of HIMSS - new lead acid replacement battery coming soon
Ultralife Corporation will launch their latest LiFePO4 lead acid replacement battery for the medical sector ahead of this year’s HIMSS healthcare and IT conference in Orlando, Florida. Visitors will be able to view the new product on Booth 2287 at the show, at the Orange County Convention Center from February 19 to 23, 2017.
The tendering process in the Ministry of Defence
Every year, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) spends £19 billion with UK industry. It is one of the biggest public procurement organisations in Europe and is the single largest customer for UK industry. The MoD has a huge range of contracts, from utility services to aircraft carrier projects, which companies win through tendering processes. Here, David Reeves, director of international business development explains the tendering process.

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World's longest lasting 9V battery
Ultralife has built on the success of its original 9V battery by offering the next generation of the world’s longest lasting lithium 9V battery, the U9VL-J-P. With key improvements to its energy density and cell technology, the battery is designed for applications including smoke detectors,security sensors and medical telemetry as well as test and instrumentation.

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