Ultralife is the leading provider of power solutions to customers worldwide in the government & defense, medical, safety & security, energy, and industrial sectors. With more than 20 years’ experience, we offer a full range of off-the-shelf and custom products to keep your team powered up and ready to go.

If our standard batteries don’t meet the needs of your specific application, our experienced engineers are standing by to provide you with the right power solution.

We work closely with you to understand how the battery and/or charger will function in your device as well as in the workplace and, through creative and innovative design, create a solution that complements the workflow.

Our flexible manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide customized solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of an application in a timely and cost-effective way.

We’ll help you create the perfect power solution to meet your needs....

How It Works


Cell Technology

The Heart of Your Battery Solution

Correct cell selection is critical in achieving optimal battery and device performance.

We will work closely with your engineers to gain a deep understanding of your application and performance requirements. Our in house independent evaluation of cell and battery performance ensures optimal cell selection for your application.

We ensure you have access to the latest in battery technology by constantly reviewing future product road maps for existing and emerging battery technologies.

Mechanical Design

Strength and Durability

Understanding how a battery will be used in the host device is key to designing a good mechanical solution.

We use innovative design techniques coupled with sound engineering principles to produce batteries that are both strong and durable whilst remaining light and compact. Our advanced battery designs improve overall safety and reliability while minimizing cost.

Ultralife takes full advantage of the latest digital prototyping techniques to get the design to market quickly. We perform Finite Element Analysis of the CAD models and employ 3D printing technologies such as Stereo Lithography Apparatus or Selective Laser Sintering to generate physical prototypes. Mould flow simulation is used to test and validate the injection moulding design prior to tooling.

Regulatory and Qualification Testing

Compliant and Correct

From the start of each project we work alongside your engineers to fully understand the performance, environmental and regulatory testing requirements for your device and market. We then design each battery to meet these requirements and we ensure full certification is obtained prior to the battery moving into series production. Ultralife project manages the testing to IEC, UL, UN /IATA and MIL standards to ensure that there are no delays in getting your device to market on time.

Manufacturing, Quality and Testing

Reliability & Peace of Mind

Ultralife’s US production facility offers a low cost, rapid response, flexible and scalable production service. Batteries are developed, tested and produced ‘under one roof’, ensuring total consistency & single-point accountability.

A robust, reliable manufacturing process is in place with a deep continuous improvement culture. Security of manufacture is assured through the use of highly trained and motivated assembly operators, dedicated assembly fixtures and our own purpose built test equipment that programs, tests and logs the data for each and every battery we produce. Every single battery tested gives you quality and peace of mind.

We are totally committed to quality because your customers demand reliable devices. The excellent field reliability of our products gives you guaranteed quality and peace of mind.

Electric and Electronic Design

Safety and performance

In a world dominated by portable electronic devices the need to manage battery power is essential.

Our embedded intelligent electronic systems allow batteries to manage their own charging both efficiently and safely while onboard fuel gauges provide host equipment with accurate real time runtime information. Accutronics have been developing these intelligent battery systems for over 15 years and have built up considerable expertise which we distil into each new battery design.

We cater for all sizes of battery, from the smallest single cell solution with simple electronic protection through to large high voltage batteries with active cell balancing, impedance tracking fuel gauging and tiered protection systems.


We’re keenly focused on our customers’ future requirements, allowing us to create robust, future-proofed power solutions suited to long product lifecycles.

Our substantial investment in Research & Development means:

>> Extensive market research and discussion with customers

>> Complete freedom in design – objective component selection

>> Harnessing the latest battery innovations for the benefit of OEMs with next-generation devices

>> Maintaining a dialogue with the device OEM R&D community – we’re focused on your future requirements and challenges

>> Seamless integration into your device development programs