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Ultralife Corporation, which began as a battery company, serves its markets with products and services ranging from portable and standby power solutions to communications and electronics systems. Through its engineering and collaborative approach to problem solving, Ultralife serves government, defense and commercial customers across the globe. Headquartered in Newark, New York, the company's business segments include: Battery & Energy Products, Communications Systems and Energy Services. Ultrali
Taking a look at the European defence market
Increasing their defence spend for the first time in a decade will be seen this year by European NATO states. Concerns about Russia, the migrant crisis and the terrorist threat have led to many European governments focusing on their military budget. Director of International Business Development at Ultralife, David Reeves, explains why the company has chosen to expand its services in Europe.

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12.0V 160Ah LiSOCL2 Non-rechargeable 2/3 M1 Pack
CS0032 View Details
12.0V 80Ah LiSOCL2 Non-rechargeable 1/3 M1 Pack
CS0034 View Details
12.0V 238Ah LiSOCL2 Non-rechargeable M1 Pack


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