Rugged Portable Electronics
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Rugged Portable Electronics

UBI-2590 View Details
UBI-2590 MGPP line-up
UKT0039 Charger View Details
Solar Charger for AN/PRC-148/152
UKT0039 Charger
UCH0054 Charger View Details
2-Bay XX90 Smart Tactical Charger
UCH0054 Charger
UCH0053 Charger View Details
6-Bay XX90 Smart Tactical Charger
UCH0053 Charger
UBBL08 Battery View Details
Small Land Warrior Smart Battery
UBBL08 Battery
UBBL06 Battery View Details
Land Warrior Smart Battery
UBBL06 Battery
UBBL13 View Details
UBI-2590 8.7Ah High Capacity Smart 2590 Battery with SOCI and SMBus
UBBL10 View Details
UBI-2590 Smart 2590 Battery with SOCI and SMBus
UBBL02 View Details
UBI-2590 Rechargeable Battery with SOCI