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CR Cylindrical (LIMNO2)

Ultralife Lithium Manganese Dioxide cells have some of the highest energy density and performance characteristics of all Lithium based battery chemistries. Lithium Manganese Dioxide cells offer excellent temperature characteristics, a flat discharge curve, and a hermetically sealed nickel plated steel container for long term shelf life. Lithium Manganese Dioxide cells do not form a passivation layer, so after long storage periods without use can deliver high current immediately. This makes our Lithium Manganese Dioxide cells the perfect choice for applications where high currents are required after long periods of inactivity.

CR123A Cells View Details
Ultralife CR123A 3.0V non-rechargeable cells
CR123A Cells
U10027 View Details
3.3V 6.1Ah LiMnO2 Non-rechargeable UHR-CR25650 Low Vent Cell with PTC
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3.0V 13Ah LiMnO2 High Capacity Non Rechargeable D-Size Cell
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3.0V 6.1Ah LiMnO2 Non-rechargeable UHR-CR26650 Cell
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3.0V 4.8Ah LiMnO2 Non-rechargeable UHR-CR26500 Cell
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3.0V 11.1Ah LiMnO2 Non-rechargeable UHR-CR34610 Cell
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3.0V 3.2Ah LiMnO2 Non-rechargeable UHR-CR19650 Cell
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3.0V 11.1Ah LiMnO2 Non Rechargeable UHR-CR34610-TSO D-Size Cell