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LI-CFX / MNO2 Hybrid Chemistry

Ultralife Lithium Carbon mono-fluoride Manganese dioxide hybrid cells provide the best performance combining high energy density, high capacity, high power, long shelf life and relatively low cost among all lithium based battery chemistries. The hybrid cells have the advantages from both Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry and Lithium Carbon Fluoride chemistry with improvements on low temperature performance and rate capability. The hybrid cells have a discharge curve with unique two plateaus which are respectively attributed to Lithium Manganese Dioxide and then Lithium Carbon Fluoride. The cells are constructed with a hermetically sealed nickel plated steel container for at least 15 years shelf life. The cells deliver 40% or more capacity than the same size of Lithium Manganese Dioxide cells at same or less of its weight. The hybrid cells perfectly suit for the applications that need immediate high current or high pulse power for long term service.

CR123A Cells View Details
Ultralife CR123A 3.0V non-rechargeable cells
CR123A Cells
UHR-XR26650 View Details
3.3V 8.4Ah LI-CFX/MNO2 Hybrid Non-rechargeable CR26650 Cell
UHR-XR34610 Cell View Details
3.3V 16.0Ah LI-CFX/MNO2 Hybrid Non-rechargeable D Cell
UHR-XR34610 Cell
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3.3V 6.8Ah LI-CFX/MNO2 Hybrid Non-rechargeable CR26500 Cell
UHR-XR19650 Cell View Details
3.3V 4.6Ah LI-CFX/MNO2 Hybrid Non-rechargeable 19650 Cell
UHR-XR19650 Cell