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Communications Systems>> 150-Watt UHF SATCOM Combiner
UHF SATCOM, Two Channel, Radio Combiner, 150 Watt
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Weight 16 lbs
Operating Temperature -30 to 60 °C
Radio Type AN/PRC-117G, AN/PSC-5, AN/PSC-5D

Common Applications The A-301-150 is ideal for SATCOM on the move (SOTM) requirements where limited antenna availability may hinder operations (maritime surface craft, vehicles, aircraft, and submarines). The satellite radio combiner incorporates extensive transmit and receive filtering to ensure no performance degradation in either channel during simultaneous transmit and receive operations. Multiple modes of operation provide users with flexibility while configuring communications networks. The A-301-150 satellite radio combiner allows users to interface their own RF power amplifiers (up to 150 watts per channel). 

Key Features
  • Simultaneous 2-channel transmit & receive
  • Handles up to 150 watts per channel
  • LNA gain +25 dBm
  • No T/R switching (full duplex)
  • Wired remote control capable
  • 3 modes of operation optimize RF performance

Product Description

A-301-150 UHF SATCOM, Two Channel, Radio Combiner, 150 Watt

Ultralife’s A-301-150 satellite radio combiner (diplexer) enables simultaneous transmission and reception of any two military UHF satellite radio channels operating in the 243 – 318 MHz SATCOM band on a single antenna. Designed for continuous operation in tactical environments, the A-301-150 is packaged in a compact rugged, weatherproof housing. Flexibility extends to fixed site locations, boats, aircraft, vehicles, shelters, and racks.