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Amplifiers - 20W>> 350-450MHz 20W Amplifier
Multiband Amplifier, Dismounted, 20 Watt, 350-450 MHz
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Weight 24 ounces
Operating Temperature 30 to 50 °C
Frequency Range 350 to 450 MHz
RF Input 2 to 5 watts
RF Output 18 to 20 watts
Radio Type AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-154

Key Features
  • Designed specifically for the RF-7800S Secure Personal RadioTM from Harris
  • Full-rated power across the 350-450 MHz range
  • Radio manufacturer independant
  • MIL-STD 810F and 461E certified
  • Remote power on capability
  • Three year warranty

Product Description

A-320V1-H Multiband Amplifier, Dismounted, 20 Watt, 350-450 MHz

We designed this amp specifically to meet the needs of the warfighter. At 24 ounces, the A-320V1-H amplifier is the smallest and lightest on the market. Combat proven, it is unlike anything presently available in terms of 20-watt power, performance and is backed by Ultralife’s quality assurance and 36-month warranty.


As a lightweight portable solution, the A-320V1-H is ideal for the soldier on the move. It can also integrate easily as a value-added amplifier for radio manufacturers’ and system integrators’ packaged offerings.

We designed the A-320V1-H specifically for use with the RF-7800S Secure Personal RadioTM from Harris. It is compatible with most field radios used by the military, government agencies and homeland security operating in the 350-450 MHz range.

Single Battery Operation

Unlike other amps that require two batteries for 20-watt operation, the A-320V1-H averages full-rated power for up to 15 hours on a single 5590 battery. Use a 5390 battery and you can extend the operational life to 24 hours. Times are based on a 15% transmit duty-cycle.

  • RF-7800S and Secure Personal Radio are trademarks of Harris Corporation.

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