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A-320V3 Master Kit with DPA
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Key Features
  • Includes A-320DPA Dual Port Adapter with LNA functionality
  • Supports multiple waveforms (HAVEQUICK, SINCGARS, JTRS, IW, SRN, ANW2))
  • JITC certified for DAMA with AN/PRC-152
  • 90-512 MHz antenna
  • 30-108 MHz antenna
  • RF cable (radio to amp)
  • Power cable
  • Quick-release mounting clip
  • Universal single battery charger and line cord
  • High capacity UBI-2590 battery
  • Two antenna relocators

Product Description

A-320V3-MKT (Also Called A-M320V3KT)

The best 20-watt amp solution just keeps getting better. The A-320V3-KT Total Solutions Kit raised the standard for a manportable configuration and this Master Kit raises the bar even higher. You get all the benefits of the combat-proven A-320V3KT plus our Dual Port Adapter, 30-108 MHz antenna, a second antenna relocator, a high-capacity rechargeable UBI-2590 battery and charger.


As a lightweight portable solution, the A-320V3 Master Kit is ideal for comms on the move requirements. The A-320HVA mount with universal charging pocket for military radios is also available for easy integration with vehicles.

Dual Port Adapter with LNA

The included Dual Port Adapter fits any A-320 amp. It clips to existing lanyard pins on the amp without tools. The DPA allows connection of two antennas for differing 30-512 MHz frequencies, and provides approximately 10dB gain.

DAMA Ready, JITC Certified

Some amps use wide-band harmonic filters or bypass harmonic filtering to become SINCGARS and HAVEQUICK capable. The result can be inadvertent jamming of nearby friendly nets. Not so with our exceptional harmonic filtering and auto-sensing technology. You get true compatibility. The A-320V3 supports JTRS waveforms, is DAMA ready, and supports SRW and ANW2 waveforms.

Safe, Efficient Charging

The included CH0002 charger is designed specifically to charge UBI-2590 batteries safely and efficiently.It includes a universal power supply and line cord. LED status indicators keep you informed. The integrated safety circuit protects against charging shorted packs.

UBI-2590 High-Capacity SMBus™ Battery

The included UBI-2590 battery features rugged construction, state-of-charge indicators and a wide operating temperature range.