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Multiband Amplifier, 20 Watt, 30-512 MHz, no keypad, no heatsink
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Weight 24 ounces
Operating Temperature -40 to 60 °C
Operating Altitude 63,000 ft
Frequency Range 30 to 512 MHz
RF Input 5 watts
RF Output 20 watts
Radio Type AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152

Common Applications  The A-322 is ideal for UAV and space borne applications up to 65,000 square feet and minus 40 degrees celcius.

Key Features
  • True HAVEQUICK & SINCGARS compatibility
  • Supports JTRS waveforms
  • DAMA ready
  • Operating altitude of 63,000 feet
  • MIL-STD 810F & 461E compliant
  • Full-rated power across the 30-512 MHz range
  • Radio-agnostic
  • Remote power on capability

Product Description

A-322 Multiband Amplifier, 20 Watt, 30-512 MHz, no keypad, no heatsink

The A-322 is a variant of the popular A-320 amplifier. Originally designed specifically for satellite operations, it is also ideal for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) when you need to provide that important extra boost to signal transmission of target and intel data. The A-322 boasts an operating altitude of 63,000 feet.

Full-Rated Power

Featuring A-320 technology "inside the box", be assured that you will get reliable 20-watt ALC controlled amplification across the 30-512 MHz frequency range when you power up this amp.

Seamless DAMA Transition

DAMA-ready, the A-322, like its companion A-320 amp, is designed to be a solution not only for today, but also for tomorrow.Radio Manufacturer Independent

The A-322 is compatible with most field radios used by the military, government agencies and homeland security. This includes, but by nomeans is limited to, the AN/PRC-148,AN/PRC-152, and RF-5800.


The A-322 monitors antenna performance, BIT and battery status.