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IPV 15 Pin D Connector Kit
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Product Type Connector
Color Black


Common Applications The AK001 can be used with IPV02, IPV04, IPV06 or IPV08. 

Key Features
  • Solder bucket connections
  • Includes plastic shell
  • Includes cable retainer and screws

Product Description

IPV 15 Pin D Connector Kit

AK001 comprises of a 15 pin male D connector, plastic shell, twin thumb screws, cable clamp and screws. It mates with the female communication and control connector on the control module of the IPV02, IPV04, IPV06 or IPV08.

Customers may use this part to create their own custom wiring harnesses. Connections to the D connector are made via solder buckets.

Note that a this part can be purchased with a cable assembly already attached under part number AK004 or as an IPV enable dongle under part number AK007.

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