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IPV 15 Pin Enable Dongle with Flying Lead
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Product Type Connector
Dimensions 750mm
Color Black


Common Applications The AK004 can be used with IPV02, IPV04, IPV06 or IPV08. 

Key Features
  • Includes IPV enable function
  • Allows easy connection to other pins on the IPV Communication & Control connector

Product Description

IPV 15 Pin Enable Dongle with Flying Lead

AK004 is a 15-way D-Sub connector and cable assembly for the IPV02, IPV04, IPV06 or IPV08.

Internally, 'DC_IN_PG' (pin 6) is connected to '5V_SB' pin (14) which indicates to the IPV that a valid input power supply is connected. The 750mm flying lead is terminated in two wires which are internally connected to ENABLE_IPV (pin 4) and '5V_SB' (pin 14). Once AK004 is connected to the IPV, shorting the two wires (by means of a switch) will enable the output from the IPV.

Note: Other versions of this cable assembly can be created depending on customer demand. Please contact us to discuss.

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