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IPV Output Cable with DC Barrel Connector
More available in 1 to 2 weeks.

Product Type Connector
Dimensions 520mm
Color Black

Common Applications The AK006 can be used with IPV02, IPV04, IPV06 or IPV08. 

Key Features D-Sub connector to DC barrel connector 

Product Description

IPV Output Cable with DC Barrel Connector

AK006 is a DC output cable for the IPV02, IPV04, IPV06 or IPV08.

At one end, a mixed D-sub connector allows connection to the DC output connector on the IPV control module. At the other end, a DC barrel connector allows connection to a host device. The DC barrel has an internal diameter of 2.5mm (positive) and an outside diameter of 2.5mm (negative). The overall length of the assembly is 520mm.

Note: Other versions of this cable assembly can be created depending on customer demand. Please contact us to discuss.

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