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VR420 battery bench test PCB
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Dimensions 65.33mm x 60.00mm x 14.55mm
Color Green
Weight 22 grams

Common Applications The EVAL006 works with both the VR420A and VR420B batteries and is ideal for bench testing. 

Key Features
  • Large solder pads for easy hook up
  • Built in Samtec connector

Product Description

VR420 battery bench test PCB

The EVAL006 is the ideal accessory for engineers conducting bench testing on the Entellion VR420A or VR420B batteries. Large solder pads at one end of the PCB allow easy connection to 'battery positive', 'battery negative', 'data', 'clock', 'NTC' and 'battery present'.

Note that 'battery present' must be connected to 'battery negative' for the VR420 battery to initilise.

A Molex header connector and umbilical lead (supplied) allows easy connection to a Texas Instruments EV2300 Evaluation Module so that battery data can be monitored during testing. You can purchase an EV2300 from Accutronics by order part number EVAL009.

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