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Evaluation PCBA for 50ABB002 Charger
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Dimensions 177.5mm x 92.5mm x 20.5mm

Common Applications The EVAL008A works with the 50ABB002 charger. 

Key Features
Ideal for bench testing the 50ABB002 charger in the lab along with CMX series batteries
4mm sockets for power connections
Molex header for connection to CMX series batteries

Product Description

Evaluation PCBA for 50ABB002 Charger

The EVAL008 is a PCB that allows engineers to more easily test the functionality of the 50ABB002 charger PCBA. Header connectors on the EVAL008 allow the 50ABB002 charger PCB to be connected whilst 4mm sockets allow an external DC power supply to be connected. A micro-fit III header allows connection to any CMX series Lithium Ion smart battery via a cable (supplied).

The EVAL008 has additional connectors for communication with your host device, allowing the 50ABB002 software to be modified.

As an open frame PCBA, the EVAL008 is susceptible to damage if not used correctly. Only purchase this part if it is to be used by an experienced electronics technician or engineer.

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