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Intelligent Power Vault - 2 battery configuration
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Product Type Charger, Power System
Certifications CE Marked, UL 60950-1
Dimensions 152.1mm x 176.0mm x 110.0mm
Bays 2
State of Charge Display Yes
Weight 1575 grams

Common Applications
  • Automated laboratory equipment
  • Dental scanning
  • Acute ventilators
  • Anaesthesia workstations
  • Embedded computing devices
  • Medical workstations
  • Patient monitoring systems

Key Features
  • Ruggedised 4U high casing
  • Battery retention system
  • Status LEDs
  • Internal smart battery charger technology
  • Fanless control module
  • USB interface
  • Communication and control connector
  • 19-26V DC input
  • Regulated or raw power output
  • UL60950-1 certified

Product Description

Intelligent Power Vault - 2 battery configuration

Unlocking the Potential of Lithium Ion

The Intelligent Power Vault is a multi-battery power source that incorporates the latest Lithium-ion smart battery technology, intelligent charging circuitry and efficient regulated power control in a high energy, rechargeable battery system that is easily designed into professional transportable & power backup devices across medical and industrial markets.

The innovative use of modular VR420 batteries allows for simple fitting and removal which permits transportation of the Intelligent Power Vault without the cost and complexity of dangerous goods shipping.

The IPV02 accepts either one or two VR420 batteries providing a stored energy up to 179Wh.

A Simple Solution for Transportation

International regulations impose restrictions on the transportation of Lithium Ion batteries, with additional restrictions imposed on those capable of storing >100Wh. These additional restrictions increase both shipping time and cost. A >100Wh lithium Ion battery must be consigned as class 9 dangerous goods, regardless of whether it is packed alone, packed with, or contained within equipment. The shipper must also be dangerous goods certified, which adds further complexity throughout the supply chain.

The Intelligent Power Vault solves the transportation problem - it is simple to ship across various modes of transport because its Lithium Ion batteries are <100Wh, modular and removable. For example, when shipping by air, the Intelligent Power vault is classed as 'equipment' and can be packed along with its VR420 batteries (and up to two spares) under section II of packing instruction 966 (UN3481). A shipper's declaration of dangerous goods is not required and the shipper needs only limited training.

The Intelligent Power Vault is configured according to specific customer requirements. Please contact us to discuss.

Entellion products are smart, innovative portable power products, designed to meet the emerging needs of feature-laden devices in professional markets. Created and manufactured in the UK by Accutronics (an Ultralife Company). Entellion combines expertise in custom OEM battery products with an understanding of professional OEM requirements and market trends.

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