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MBA-21R+ 20-Watt 30-512 MHz Amplifier
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Frequency Range 30 to 512 MHz
RF Input 5 watts
RF Output FM 20 watts
RF Output 20 watts
Radio Type AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-154

Common Applications
This unit provides an ideal solution for the soldier on the move. The unit is radio agnostic, and compatible with virtually any 30-512 MHz radio currently in use by domestic and international militaries and government agencies. MBA-21R+ is DAMA ready, and was designed for the demands of today and the future.

Key Features
  • Combat proven
  • Supports DAMA and JTRS waveforms
  • Full-rated power across the 30-512 MHz range
  • Radio manufacturer independent
  • Sealed and weather-resistant
  • Remote power ON capability
  • Developed for the United Kingdom MOD

Product Description

MBA-21R+ 20-Watt 30-512 MHz Amplifier

This amplifier features AMTI A-320 technology inside the chassis. Specifically, it provides all the advantages of the A-320 along with built-in Low Noise Amplification (LNA) for UHF SATCOM operation.The MBA21R+ accepts DC input voltages from 9-36 VDC and can be powered from a vehicle cigarette lighter. 

Like the A-320, the MBA-21R+ is very power efficient. Unlike other amps that require two batteries to achieve 20-watt power, the MBA-21R+ operates from a single 5590 battery with a supply voltage of 22-36 VDC.  When powered by a 5390 battery, operational life can be extended to 24 hours (based on a 15% transmit duty cycle).