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Dual Transceiver Power System, Portable
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Weight 15 lbs
DC Input 11 to 36 VDC
Operating Temperature -30 to 45 °C
Storage Temperature -50 to 65 °C
Operating Altitude 27,000 ft
Storage Altitude 55,000 ft
Immursion 10 ft
Radio Type AN/PRC-138, AN/PSC-5, AN/PRC-113, AN/PRC-150, AN/PSC-5D

Common Applications Self-contained radio mounting system powering a variety of AN/PRC and AN/PSC-5 tranceivers.

Key Features
  • Wide range of AC and DC input voltages
  • With included MRC-82A power supply, it allows operation from nearly any AC or DC power source likely to be encountered worldwide
  • Storage areas for power cables, handset, and antennas (LOS and deployable SATCOM)
  • Removable amplified speaker allows remote monitoring
  • Space is also available for storing laptop computers up to: 13.75”W x 10.625”L x 1.825”H

Product Description

MRC-34 SERIES Dual Transceiver Power System, Portable

The MRC-34 is a self-contained radio mounting system used with the following equipment:
  • AN/PRC-117F Transceiver
  • AN/PRC-138 Series Transceivers
  • AN/PRC-150 Series Transceivers
  • AN/PRC-113 Series Transceivers
  • AN/PSC-5 Series Transceivers
Once installed, transceiver equipment is securely located and powered in the transport briefcase. Internal power supply allows the use of communications equipment with or without battery. Internal battery is charged whenever external power is supplied to the unit.

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When customers have totally new or unique requirements or need adaptations to meet mission critical program requirements, our design and engineering teams can provide extensive services ranging from mechanical, electrical, software and testing. Based on your defined needs, we provide total solutions including costing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing.

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