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UBI-5390XC Full Size LiMnO2/CFx Non-rechargeable Battery
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Product Type Non-Rechargeable, Battery
Chemistry Li-CFx / MnO2
Voltage (Range) 24V Mode: 20.0V final, 33.0V max; 12V Mode: 10.0V final, 16.5 max
Certifications UN 38.3
NSN 6135-01-687-3138
Class 9 Yes
State of Charge Display Yes
Operating Temperature -40 to 55 °C
Storage Temperature -40 to 80 °C
SmartCircuit Yes


Common Applications
  • Alternative for BA-5590/U Li-SO2 (NSN:6135-01-036-3495) battery
  • AN/PRC-117G, AN/PRC-117F, AN/PRC-119, AN/PSC-5D
  • Javelin Medium Anti-Tank CLU
  • More than 50 other military applications




Key Features
  • 110% more capacity than BA-5590U
  • 40% more capacity than BA-5390A/U
  • State of Charge Indication to fully utilize battery capacity. 5 distinct ranges from 90%to 10%
  • Dual modes: 12V or 24V
  • No voltage delay
  • Improved low temperature performance
  • Shelf life up to 12 years with 80% capacity
  • CDD indication displays when battery is ready for disposal
  • Light weight

Product Description

UBI-5390XC Full Size LiMnO2/CFx Non-rechargeable Battery

The ULTRALIFE UBI-5390XC is a primary (non rechargeable) battery which uses ULTRALIFE's Lithium Manganese Dioxide / Carbon Monoflouride hybrid cell technology to bring unparalleled performance to a wide range of military devices.

The UBI-5390XC offers 110% more capacity than a BA-5590U and 40% more capacity than an ULTRALIFE BA-5390A/U.

The UBI-5390XC has two independent battery sections which can be connected in either series or parallel. In '24V series mode' the battery voltage ranges from 33.0V to 20.0V and has a capacity of 16.0Ah. In '12V parallel mode' the battery voltage ranges from 16.5V to 10.0V and has a capacity of 32.0Ah.

The UBI-5390XC features a push-button operated 5 segment LED display which displays the remaining battery capacity in 20% increments - allowing the user to quickly judge if the battery contains enough energy for the task ahead.

The UBI-5390XC has an operating range of -40DegC to +55DegC making it ideal for harsh environmental conditions.

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