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UBI-2590 Next Gen Smart Battery with SMBus & SOCI - CB Compliant
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Product Type XX90, Rechargeable, Battery
Chemistry Li-ion
Voltage (Range) 30V Mode: 20.0 to 33.6V; 15V Mode: 10.0 to 16.8V
Certifications UL/CSA 62133
Communication SMBus v1.1 communication protocol; SBD v1.0 data set support
Class 9 Yes
State of Charge Display Yes
Color Desert Tan (Available in black by phone order only)
Weight 3.2 lbs
Operating Temperature -32 to 60 °C
Storage Temperature -32 to 60 °C
SmartCircuit Yes

Common Applications
  • Rugged, portable electronics
  • Robotics / AUVs / UUVs
  • Unmanned underwater vehicles
  • Medical precision laser tools
  • Temporary installment security systems
  • Emergency, remote radio equipment
  • Wearable camera systems
  • NEMA battery boxes
  • Portable measurement devices
  • Industrial power banks (non consumer)
  • ... and much more

Key Features
  • SmartCircuit Technology® - communication with host and charge equipment
  • Accurate state-of-charge display for each side of the battery
  • Rugged, tough case construction can handle severe environments
  • High energy density solution in the Ultralife UBI-2590 family

Product Description

UBI-2590 Next Gen Smart Battery with SMBus & SOCI - CB Compliant

The BB-2590/U SMBus (Ultralife part number UBBL10-01-CB) is a smart rechargeable Lithium ion version of the primary BA-5390A/U battery and is designed to meet U.S. Army MIL-PRF-32383/3.

The UBBL10-01-CB contains two independent battery sections which can be connected in either series or parallel.

In 30V 'series mode' the battery operates between 33.6V and 20.0V (28.8V average) and delivers 8.7Ah. In 15V 'parallel mode' the battery operates between 16.8V and 10.0V (14.4V average) and delivers 17.4Ah.

The UBBL10-01-CB features dual LCD displays which indicate the absolute state of charge for each section. Ultralife's SmartCircuit technology allows compatible devices and chargers to communicate with the battery via its SMBus v1.1 compliant interface. The UBBL10-01 is used in a wide range of military applications including robotics, AUVs, UUVs and military communications such as the AN/PRC-117G, AN/PRC-117F, AN/PRC119 and AN/PSC-5D.

The UBBL10-01-CB is the exact same battery as the UBBL10-01, but with the addition of the redesigned, more marketable, label and numerous national marking requirements. The UBBL10-01-CB is registered with various national agencies for regulatory compliance to facilitate importation into US and Canadian medical markets, as well as France, Switzerland, South Korea and Japan commercial markets. Such certifications include IEC 62133:2012 and the EU Directive on batteries and accumulators (2006/66/EC).

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