Docking Cradle for URB-X5
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X5 Battery Cradle
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Dimensions Width: 129.9mm (5.11in); Depth: 95.4mm (3.76in); Height: 324.4mm (12.77in)
Color White
Weight 500 grams


Common Applications
  • Medical carts
  • Warehouse terminals

Key Features
  • Slender aluminum bracket permits multiple mounting locations
  • Battery receptacle with 15° of tilt allows battery to be easily inserted and removed
  • Durable battery locking latch with single handed release
  • Single D-sub connector with access to both power and communications simplifies wiring
  • 5V ancillary supply to power external low power devices

Product Description

The Ultralife X5 Battery Cradle is specifically designed to house the Ultralife X5 Hot-Swappable Battery. The cradle can be attached to the side of a medical cart and allows battery power and communications to be transferred to the power management system.

The innovative tilting mechanism and latch allow the battery to be installed or removed one-handed. An innovative connector system allows the battery to be inserted into the cradle in either direction.

A 7W2 D-Sub connector under the docking cradle provides access to battery power and communications. An internal 5V regulator provides an optional rail for powering low voltage devices if required.

Although primarily designed to work with the X5 Power System, the X5 Battery Cradle and X5 Hot-Swappable Battery are available separately, to be designed into other OEM equipment, either with Ultralife or custom branding. Contact us for more information.

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