URB-X5 LiFePO4 Battery - Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Replacement
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Rechargeable>> BATTERY, SMB, LFP, 12V, 22AH
12.8V 21.6Ah (276Wh) Lithium Iron Phosphate Smart Battery
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Product Type Rechargeable, Battery
Chemistry LiFePO4
Voltage (Nominal) 12.8 V
Capacity (Nominal) 21.6 Ah
Certifications UN 38.3, IEC 62133-2:2017 , UL 62133-2:2020
Dimensions Width: 120.5mm (4.74in); Depth: 75.5mm (2.97in); Height (Shoulder): 272.0mm (10.71in); Height (Handle): 317.0mm (12.4in)
Storage Temperature -20°C to +50 °C


Common Applications
  • Medical carts
  • Warehouse terminals
  • Robotics


Key Features
  • Robust and lightweight full aluminum case & handle construction
  • Rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry for optimal endurance and safety
  • Intuitive bi-directional docking simplifies use
  • Ultralife Smart-Circuit technology for accurate fuel gauging
  • Blue LED gas gauge indicator for quick capacity check
  • Certified to the latest transportation and safety standards

Product Description

The Ultralife URB-X5 is a 12.8V 21.6Ah (276.5Wh) rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate 'hot-swappable' smart battery which has been specifically designed to provide power to medical carts via the Ultralife URS-X5 power system.

For high strength and reduced weight, the URB-X5 features a silver, extruded aluminium body with traffic white aluminium endcaps and grab handle. An innovative connector interface allows the battery to be inserted into its UCA-X5 docking cradle in either direction, making battery change quick and simple.

The use of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) chemistry within URB-X5 is considered to be one of the safest rechargeable Lithium chemistries and it provides in excess of 2000 cycles, or 5 years of daily use.

The battery contains Ultralife's Smart ! Circuit technology which provides gas gauging, communication, active protection and cell balancing functions. The battery communicates over System Management Bus (SMBus) and is Smart Battery Specification (SBS) compliant, allowing it to be easily incorporated into a device power management system.

A push-button activated, state of charge indicator featuring ten blue LEDs provides a simple capacity indication and the LEDs will automatically illuminate when the battery is charging so the user can quickly determine state-of-charge.

The battery should be charged using a constant current / constant voltage (CC/CV) regime where the maximum current is 20A (10A recommended) and the maximum voltage is 14.6V (14.4V recommended). The Ultralife UCH-X5 2-bay charger is available which can be either wall or desk mounted.

The URB-X5 meets the requirements of UN 38.3 (transport), IEC 62133-2:2017 (safety), and UL/CSA 62133. It is also CE and UKCA marked.

Although primarily designed to power the URB-X5 medical cart power system, the URB-X5 and UCA-X5 docking cradle are available seperately, to be designed into other OEM equipment, either with Ultralife or custom branding. Contact us for more information.

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