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URB0023 Stackable 24V Power Storage
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Product Type Rechargeable
Chemistry LiFePo4
Voltage (Nominal) 25.6 V
Capacity (Nominal) 54 Ah
Certifications UN 38.3
Weight 35.0 lbs
Storage Temperature -20 to 50 °C

Common Applications
  • Rugged, portable electronics
  • Robotics / AUVs / UUVs
  • Military Modular Power Systems
  • Vehicle mounted Auxiliary Power Systems


Key Features
  • Stacking enclosure, up to 10 units high. Patent Pending
  • Strappable, can be strapped down
  • Rugged, military tough case construction can handle severe environments
  • Capable of 2000+ cycles, over 5 years of operation at 1 cycle per day
  • High Energy Density
  • Separate Empty Case is available / configurable to integrate other electronic items into the Power stack

Product Description

URB0023 - Stackable 24V Power Storage

The URB0023 Battery is a large format 24V modular power storage device intended to store power in hybrid power systems requiring anywhere from 1kwhr to 10kwhrs of storage at 24V or 48V.

This battery can be stacked and combined with more units to create power systems to fit any application.