No longer the confine of automotive manufacturing, robots are now utilised in warehouses, hospitals, hotels and homes. Portable robots are required to be autonomous and free from AC supply, whilst others rely on battery power as a back-up to retain critical configuration information.
Wherever battery power is required, Ultralife Corporation can manufacture a range of professional rechargeable batteries designed to meet the emerging needs of robot manufacturers worldwide.

Rechargeable lithium chemistry of various formulations is harnessed in all our robotics batteries.

For those who need the highest energy density, our lithium ion 2590, VR and CMX battery ranges provide both power and energy in compact packages.

When service life is critical, but space is at less of a premium, our lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) series provides rugged, dependable power.


We’ll help you create the right power solution.


Integrated protection is built-in to our rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries to protect them from all forms of reasonable, foreseeable misuse. End users benefit from maximum energy delivery per cycle and full life of the product, thanks to added protection against preventable cell imbalance.
Smart batteries offer battery management that surpasses traditional fuel gauging. By communicating with the host robot and the smart charger, smart batteries ensure that power is delivered safely and effectively.
Ultralife batteries are designed and assembled to the highest standards in three ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited manufacturing plants; located in the USA, UK and China.


Unable to find a standard battery that fits? Custom battery solutions can be designed to meet your needs.

>> Optimal cell array will be selected before mechanical and electronic engineers begin the design

>> Products are manufactured to international standards for performance, transportation and safety

>> Support is available in the USA, UK and China

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