SWE SeaSafe® Smart Subsea Battery Modules are designed to be autonomous (self-sufficient), easy-to-use battery system building blocks specifically developed for subsea vehicles, oceanographic systems, and deep-sea oil and gas infrastructure.

Most modules consist of pressure tolerant, high-performance Li-Polymer cells, a SWE Battery Management System (BMS) with patented safety protection and current path boosters, a thermally potted enclosure, and connectors for power and communications. The modules have a proven record of delivering longer life and longer missions than lead acid batteries.

•   Pressure Tolerant up to 6,000m Depth
•   4x Longer Run Time Endurance (vs. SLA)
•   100% Condition Based Monitoring
•   High Current/High Power Versions

A Patented Battery Management System is also used to provide Automatic Cell Balancing, Automatic Module-to-Module Balancing, and more.

In addition to SeaSafe® Subsea Batteries, Ultralife also manufacture MWD/LWD Downhole Batteries, Pipeline Inspection Batteries, Marine Buoy Batteries and more.

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