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 A global corporation headquartered in Newark, New York, Ultralife has extensive North American as well as international operations in Europe, China and India backed by a direct sales and distribution network comprising resellers, distributors and agents. Through strategic growth and acquisitions, the corporation has expanded beyond its commercial and military battery business to include custom engineering design and services, tactical communications systems and a wide range of power accessories for global government and defense markets.


Experience and Expertise

Harnessing the collective design and engineering expertise of its operating units to provide a single resource for innovation, integration and custom design to meet the needs of its commercial, government and defense customers.  When it comes to power and communications solutions, we are a “one source, many solutions” provider.


Business Units

Ultralife is organized into two business segments: Battery and Energy Products and Communications Systems. Each has specific expertise to serve the unique needs of markets served. Whether the need is for off-the-shelf or custom design, we have the capability to deliver solutions specific to customer applications. For us, no challenge is too great.  

Battery and Energy Products provides a wide range of high-energy non-rechargeable and rechargeable power and charging systems for both defense and commercial applications.  Ultralife manufactures batteries using various chemistries including Lithium Manganese Dioxide, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Manganese Oxide, Lithium Polymer, and Lithium Thionyl Chloride among others. Some comprise the highest energy densities currently available. As a market leader providing batteries for military applications, Ultralife also has a solid technical base in cell and battery designs for commercial sectors such as medical, security metering, telematics and other industrial segments. Our battery technology often provides turnkey solutions based on customer requirements and specifications and when necessary, we partner with other cell manufacturers to provide the optimum solution. 

Communications Systems harnesses the collective design and engineering strengths of two brands acquired via acquisition: AMTI and McDowell Research. Each brings specific areas of expertise which have been combined into one unit to provide a single source for tactical communications solutions that support the warfighter and homeland security. From RF amplifiers, to power supplies, to antennas and accessory products, Ultralife Communications Systems provides innovation and technology that meet ever changing mission requirements.

Industry Involvement

U.S. Small Business Administration


  • UB0031

    ½ size 5390 non-rechargeable battery with more energy and less weight than BA-5590U


  • Handheld Vehicle Adapter for A-320 Amplifier

    Brings the combat-proven A-320 amplifier into the vehicle - accepts a wide array of handheld radios


  • Medical Cart Power Solutions - Features hot-swap batteries and rapid charge functionality


  • Lightweight Portable Amplification System - Universal

    Light, portable SOTM system with universal radio pocket