Batteries for next-gen robotics

To work alongside humans or perform tasks in hazardous environments, an increasing number of robots are reliant on battery power.  As designers and manufacturers of batteries and chargers for OEMs worldwide, Ultralife Corporation and Accutronics (an Ultralife company) are conducting research to better understand portable power requirements for future robot developments.

The short questionnaire addresses the needs of robot designers who need their next robot to be battery powered, helping Ultralife Corporation to make the right decisions about future product development to better serve customers in the future.

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As part of Ultralife's commitment to providing the optimum power for our customer’s needs, it is essential that we understand more about the robots they are developing. In this rapidly growing industry, products are evolving at an incredibly rapid pace, so battery manufacturers like ourselves need to keep pace. The benefit for OEMs is that it will help them to identify trends in battery selection to inform their purchasing decisions; all participants in our research will be given the option to receive an anonymised copy of the results. In manufacturing, the need for secrecy is high, so we are offering non-disclosure agreements to anyone who takes part.

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